Counselling and/or Psychotherapy


You may be stressed or anxious, clinic having relationship problems, unhealthy facing a major change, erectile lacking confidence, and feeling depressed or lost bereaved; or looking for personal growth and understanding. Often time to talk with a counsellor is helpful in expressing feelings, being heard, and gaining self-understanding.

Real Growth, Real Insight Services can help people from all walks of life and all ages over 18. There are times when most people experience difficulties which may be eased by talking to someone who is independent, yet has the personal capacity, skills and experience to understand and listen.

A very wide range of experience can be brought to counselling. Just sharing feelings and thoughts about fears, frustrations and helplessness can help people to gain fresh insight into them. Memories of the past, painful experiences in the present or the search for a more meaningful personal life can be explored in a way which friends or other agencies may not be able to assist.

Our service offers:

  • A prompt initial appointment
  • Counselling/psychotherapy
  • Life coaching
  • Men’s group work

Counselling and/or psychotherapy on a weekly basis in a secure, confidential setting:

  • Psychotherapy can be open-ended where no fixed date is set for ending
  • Counselling can be brief/time-limited where we agree together to a fixed number of sessions – usually 6 to 12
  • Counselling/psychotherapy at a reasonable cost, depending upon financial circumstances – no one is denied help because of a lack of money



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